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About SALAM+

S.A.L.A.M + is a leading online learning platform that focuses on social sciences, we provide prestige software, technology and professional skills to achieve a deep, critical understanding in each social sciences. Through this software we provide professional, academic courses focused mainly on major Western Ideologies and comparative religions.
S.A.L.A.M + is designed to support each Da’ee in his / her dawah, we do expect that each person is supplement S.A.L.A.M + with other studies also.
All of our teachers are expert in their fields and are fully qualified to teach the specific course.
SALAM+ is a FREE learning platform open to all people and religions. Help us to keep it free by donating and earn the reward of ongoing charity!
There are various ways to donate including going to our SALAM Initiative website:

Using SALAM+

You can create an account through the registration tab on the top of the page, sign up with your details and you will receive a unique user account which will store your progress.
Simply register for free and then choose the course you want to enroll in. Once you have enrolled, login and then scroll to the curriculum and select the lesson you want to take.
Each course completes with a multiple-choice questionnaire to test the understanding and retention of each student.
If you need any technical assistance using SALAM+, you can login to your account and then send us an email using the form below.
We are currently working on having S.A.L.A.M + as a recognised online platform.

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