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A new learning platform bought to you by SALAM Initiative, SALAM+ will now teach you how to give dawah.

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Integrated with the best tools for e-Learning, SALAM+ uses the latest technology to deliver the most effective teaching.

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SALAM+ gives you modern learning and user friendly access for the best learning experience.

What is SALAM+?

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4 Steps To Learning with SALAM+

4 Steps To Learning with SALAM+
Signup and login in with your account

Joining and learning on SALAM+ is FREE! You can sign up to access the huge database and courses of SALAM+. You can easily register for one at SALAM+ website on the top right corner.

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Accessing SALAM+ courses

Now you can access the courses. SALAM+ provides all ranges of courses, from major Western ideologies to comparative religions. You are free to choose the courses you like. There's no limit with SALAM+. All courses are well-built with detailed documents and attachments serving your learning progress.

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Enroll in the course

SALAM+ integrates an advanced LMS system for courses and lessons - serving the best environment for students and providing all the best tools as Certificates, Student Lists, Announcements and Gradebook. Once enrolled to the course, SALAM+ will take you to the best learning experience ever.

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Start your learning process

SALAM+ provides every details and documents needed for your learning. You can start your lessons by clicking it at the content side-bar. Every lessons are prepared with texts, videos, images, presentation, and even audio. All you need to learn, are here with SALAM+.

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Help keep SALAM+ FREE!

Help keep SALAM+ FREE!

SALAM+ is a FREE learning platform open to all people and religions. Help us to keep it free by donating and earn the reward of ongoing charity!